About Us

Data journalism is surely an idea whose time has come.

The single point objective of Datajourno is to champion the idea and practice in India.

It aims to that by being an information site for data journalists, students of journalism and anyone with interest in data journalism in India. To that extent, it is a resource/community website.

It is NOT a news/media site that uses data journalism. It is not India’s Vox or FiveThirtyEight or Upshot. While you may see some original examples of data journalism some time in specific context, the objective of those is just that: examples.

Some of the specific things (this will keep changing) that we plan to do are

  • Showcase good examples of data journalism from Indian media
  • Recognize the best among them
  • Help journalists and students of journalism acquire skills in data journalism and data visualization by collaborating with employers and journalism schools
  • Work actively with major sources of data including the government, NGOs, industry bodies, and research and consulting firms to make their data available to journalists
  • Disseminate information about major happenings in data journalism globally
  • Make available resources to one and all in the community
  • Help school children appreciate data and use visualization

We encourage you to read our initial post, where the above are listed along with our initial thoughts when we started this site.

The website is the effort of a group of experienced journalists, in love with ideas and numbers.

Your feedback and suggestions are more than welcome.

Write to us at datajourno@outsights.in




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